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No Credit Bad Credit!!! Don't lose your cool over it We will help and want to.

0% interrest for 18 Months

At K & B Cooling and Heating, we know that sometimes HVAC concerns in your home can lead to an unexpected expense. In times like these, it’s good to know financing is an option. That’s why we offer our customers financing We Offer easy Finance options without a lot of paperwork and offer programs for no credit canidates. They We have leading financial banks that handle most are are Finance options. AC Unit Financing. Easy to Quality, budget friendly,  We also accept debit and all major credit cards.


  • Convenient low monthly payments – terms up to 120 months available

  • Up to 60 months 0% APR for qualified applicants

  • Preferred interest rates

  • Flexible terms

  • Lease to Own

  • No Credit, Bad Credit Approvals

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